Incidents of fires have become very frequent in Georgia. Since 2012, up to five years, 16 major facilities have been fired across Georgia. These fires brought not only significant material loss but also the lives of people. Unsigned Fire safety and its results have clearly demonstrated that it is necessary to involve the private sector in this area that will connect the stakeholders and take care of the disaster avoiding. Georgian Fire Prevention Association was established on the basis of practices in the West developed countries. Such organizations exist and are successfully operated for years in all the developed countries of the world. 

The main goal of Georgian Fire Prevention Association is to raise the level of fire prevention in our country. To achieve this goal will need great work and your help.

Our main activities are:

  •  Improve the legislative base
  •  Raising awareness level, through training and media
  •  Provision of state structures, suppliers and procurement relations
  •  Take care of the fire safety of our member organizations' facilities

As a result of our organization's activities, fire safety issues will be solved in the country. All people will be well aware of the importance of fire safety systems and consequently will result in protected buildings that will not endanger the lives of people and their safety.