The Dispute Board satisfied our complaint

07 June, 2018

Georgian Fire Prevention Association is conducting monitoring of tenders related to procurement / installation / inspection of fire safety systems.  On May 7th of this year, we found inaccuracies in the tender announced by the "Tbilservice Group" LTD, according to the part 1.2, of the information related to the description of the procurement object, the buyer requested a fire-hose with the interior of the hydroelectric polyurethane camera, and the buyer could not provide strong arguments why this request was needed.  At the same time, the temperature range was required: -60 C +40C which is unrealistic in the reality of Georgia. Consequently, we challenged the tender terms, as a result of the Meeting held on May 22, the Dispute Board passed the decision to satisfy our complaint. The tender commission was ordered to suspend the tender and announce it again with different requirements.